DA Group

82 years young because DA Group believes there is so much more to be achieved, and still many avenues unexplored and several lives untouched.

Founded in 1938, by Hanuman Prasad Agarwal, the founder was content delivering quality and thus, earned a goodwill in the market for their reliability. Today, not wanting to be restricted just to cotton manufacturing and leveraging the goodwill earned we have expanded into diverse verticals. Comprehending the changing markets and forecasting the early signs of growth potential in other sectors, we have grown as one of the largest and most respected 3rd generation business groups. We have stake holdings in Infrastructure, Educational & Child Care Initiatives and Philanthropic activities to empower the community. We believe we have the capacity for much more than what we have gotten into.

Over a span of last 8 decades, we have diversified into emerging business areas in the fast expanding Indian economy. Additionally, we strongly standby & believe that we can contribute to the youth of today in a huge way by facilitating a pivotal role in encouraging them to come forward, collaborate, and to strengthen the fabric of the society and make the world a better place!


To enable an empowered society & touch lives across the nation is the sole purpose of our group businesses and for this we would harness the intellectual & physical potential of the young workforce by providing them platforms that would eventually strengthen the nation in all aspects.


Proactive and passionate approach with integration of strong family values imbibed and handed down since inception, we will achieve our vision by integrating social & economic ethics to deliver excellence in all that we do.


The DA group is driven by a strong desire to create a meaningful difference in the lives of citizens. In order to do so, we promote and live by 4 values: Integrity, Commitment, Excellence & Innovation that are displayed in all aspects of our business & interactions.

Our Businesses

  • DIPL is a producer of high quality cotton, cottonseed and cotton crude oil. It is one of the biggest and most modern composite unit in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Adding strength to our global supply chain, a ginning company has evolved from a trading....

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  • Durgesh Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a venture of DA Group, one of the emerging leaders in the field of real estate development. Since the incorporation, the company has developed a fresh and young approach to the conventional construction and infrastructure projects....

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  • Shree Shakti Convention Centre is Gujarat’s multi-purpose built,world-class venue forevents and conferences. An iconic design, with excellent technological specifications provides national and international clients a stimulating.....

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  • The DA group believes that each child deserves the best chance for a bright future. DCCI works for the upliftment of marginalised children and provide them with rightful education. Similarly, Little Wings is a holistic childhood centre that focuses on the.....

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  • Bid your babysitting worries goodbye,for now,there's a 7000 sq. ft large destination for fun!Toy Joy Tales in an interactive space for kids between the age of 2 to 12,whose hygienic and safe environment allows them to learn,grow and evolve while playing....

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  • SSSK works on the ideology that women should have the basic right to dignity and self-determination. Maarg, a humanitarian organization caring and supporting the less fortunate with projects on education, health care, and women empowerment is....

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Harnessing the Youth Power

Ahmedabad Design Week is held each year as a tribute to Ahmedabad....
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They say the future of any nation lies in the hands of the youth. As of the...
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Mr. Anil Agarwal

Mr. Durgesh Agarwal